Anderes Land

Anderes Land


Top 10

bank-owned Asset Manager[1]


710 bn

Assets under Management[2]



North America’s Insurance Asset Manager of the Year[3]



Active Retail Asset Manager in Europe[4]



Retail Asset Manager in Germany[5]

Superior products, smarter solutions


Solving our clients’ problems is core to how we work as a fiduciary partner, sharing the agility of developing innovative concepts across all asset classes and investment styles. As a team, we assemble superior investment solutions meeting the diverse needs of individuals and institutions across every risk, return and liquidity preference.

Our different investment areas each feature a decades long heritage and are amongst the leaders in their field. They range from mutual funds to highly customized portfolios and institutional mandates, including active, passive and alternative funds.

Wide range

of investment opportunities

Our Capabilities


Fiduciary investing means to invest assets on behalf of private and institutional clients worldwide, including public and private pension funds, national and supranational entities, insurers, corporations, charities and foundations.



Global in scope, with expertise in key local markets, we help clients access a full spectrum of alternative strategies, all backed by robust risk management and compliance technology.



As a single gateway serving from the largest institutions to retail investors, our Passive Asset Management division covers the full spectrum of passive investment needs.


Assets under management


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1. Deutsche Bank, Strategy 2020 paper

2. As of September 2017

3. Reactions, a leading insurance industry global publication

4. Broadridge, Sept 2017, by AuM

5. BVI, Aug. 2017, by AuM

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