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" As we can provide the full spectrum of passive offerings, Deutsche AM will continue to play a key role as a provider of passive solutions.

Reinhard Bellet
Head of Passive Asset Management

Passive Asset Management



bn. assets under management in passive investments[1]



North America’s Insurance Asset Manager of the Year[2]

Largest global

ETF provider

based in Europe



ETF provider in Europe[3]

At a glance


The Passive Asset Management business forms a key pillar of Deutsche AM’s overall client offering. With a global footprint, expansive product offering, and with the group-wide expertise and financial strength of one of the world’s leading investment firms behind it, Deutsche AM’s Passive Asset Management division is a leading provider of beta, beta plus and strategic beta investment products, strategies and solutions.

By assets under management Deutsche AM is one of the largest providers of index-based products and solutions in Europe. Deutsche AM is also the largest global ETF provider based in Europe. As one of the few financial institutions outside of the United States to provide the full spectrum of passive offerings, Deutsche AM will continue to play a key role as a provider of passive products and solutions.

More than

10 years

of experience as a leading provider of passive solutions


Assets under management


Our Services[4]


Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

  • Origination, management and distribution of 40 Act (USA) and UCITS (Europe and Asia) exchange traded funds
  • Over 200 ETFs listed on multiple exchanges globally (USA, Europe and Asia)Launched in 2007 and now the largest global ETF provider based in Europe
  • Fifth largest ETF provider globally by assets under management
  • Leading provider of currency hedged exposures
  • Leading provider of emerging market ETFs, including access to China A-Shares through US 40 Act and UCITS platforms
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Equities, fixed income, cash, commodities, alternatives, credit, multi-asset

Strategic Beta


Challenge the rules, change the rules

Traditionally, passive funds have tracked capitalisation-weighted indices, which are popular for their low cost, high diversification and liquidity. But certain weaknesses from such indices have been established among investors and academics: Equity indices have a tendency to have greater exposure to a company because its share price has gone up, while Bond indices are exposed most heavily to issuers that are the most heavily indebted. Strategic Beta aims to challenge benchmark index rules and to break the link between market value and index weightings.

Blending Active and Passive

Strategic beta attempts to identify how a portfolio can be structured in a way that enhances returns or minimizes risk absolute or relative to a traditional market-cap-weighted benchmark. It blends aspects of active and passive investing by tracking indexes with a value-add component, such as enhanced return or risk reduction.

From a complement to a radically new form of asset allocation

Strategic Beta can be both: a complement to existing portfolio allocations as well as form the building blocks of a radically new asset allocation framework. For investors with exposure to a capitalisation-weighted index, strategic beta targets an improved risk-return outcome. Strategies such dividend or equal weighting may be relevant in this context. More radically some investors have changed their allocation framework fundamentally to factor-based.

Building on traditional advantages

Strategic beta builds on the advantages of traditional index investing. Strategic beta is easy to access, both via exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and in the form of investment mandates and pooled index funds. And strategic beta comes at a lower cost than traditional active management, even though its aim of improving upon the market’s risk and reward is similar.

Exchange Traded Commodities

  • Origination, management and distribution of exchange traded commodities in Europe
  • Launched in March 2010 offering access to both physical precious metals and fully collateralised index based commodities
  • Leading provider of currency hedged physical precious metals exposure
More about exchange traded commodities (ETC)


19 ETCs

listed on multiple exchanges


EUR 3 bn

in assets under management1

Precious metals, energy, diversified commodity indices

Institutional Mandates


Institutional Passive Mandates and Solutions

  • Index tracking strategies within segregated accounts and pooled funds
  • Beta, Beta Plus and Strategic Beta solutions
  • Tailored index based portfolio solutions for institutional investors
  • Highly experienced portfolio management team established in 1999


Matching the return and risk characteristics of an index or a benchmark using the most appropriate methodology in the most efficient way possible


Experienced team with established track record of managing index portfolios since 1999


Clearly defined and transparent portfolio management process with the benefits of the support infrastructure (risk, trading, compliance, governance, operations and technology) of a major global asset management organization


EUR 27 bn

in Assets under management1

High level of


based on client preferences and requirements

Systematic Funds

  • Origination, management and distribution of systematic, rules based UCITS funds investing across a range of asset classes using systematic investment strategies
  • Systematic funds also enables third party managers to launch funds with Global Markets
  • Launched in 2002. Products offered for distribution to retail and institutional investors in Europe and Asia


Launched in



EUR 3 bn.

in assets under management[5] 

Two funds with

5 star-rating


Four funds with

4 star-rating[6]

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Fiduciary investing means to invest assets on behalf of private and institutional clients worldwide, including public and private pension funds, national and supranational entities, insurers, corporations, charities and foundations.

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Global in scope, with expertise in key local markets, we help clients access a full spectrum of alternative strategies, all backed by robust risk management and compliance technology.

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Our Capabilities

As a full-scope asset manager with an unusual blend of expertise under one roof, we combine capabilities in all asset classes with all investment styles. As a fiduciary it is our DNA to deliver solutions that address our clients’ needs and solve their investment challenges, based on performance-orientation and trustful relationships.

Worldwide websites

1. As of September 2017

2. Reactions, a leading insurance industry global publication

3. ETFGI Global ETF and ETP industry insights Sept. 2017 by AuM

4. Not all products offered in all jurisdictions

5. As of September 2016

6. Morningstar, December 2015

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